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FoodRecovery.org has worked to prevent food insecurity since 2015 and continues to adapt to meet the needs of food businesses and nonprofit organizations serving their communities.

We recover food in all 50 states and DC. All for free. 

We recover food in all 50 states

We work closely with our Food Partners to divert edible food away from landfills by connecting extra food to communities in need. 

Whether you are a small nonprofit, mid-size to large food bank, or food business, we’re confident in our ability to help you do something that matters. 

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How we work

FoodRecovery.org is an online platform connecting organizations with surplus food to communities in need by moving donations of any type and size, large or small, bulk or retail, prepared or frozen!  Some of the food we’ve recovered includes: 

  • 50 semi-trucks of watermelon
  • 1,000 pounds of tomatoes from a farm 
  • 60 dinners from a restaurant 

Whether you have extra food or need it, we’re here to help.

Food Partners Highlights

The 3,400+ food partners in our community is what makes food recovery successful. Collaboration on all sides keeps extra food out of the landfill and on the plates of our neighbors.

Sea.Hear.Now Festival

“It was super fun to be able to take a whole new perspective towards the Sea.Hear.Now festival. As a local it’s a huge deal for Asbury to bring in all of those people but to then take the food and benefit the community further was really gratifying. And with that volume of food we were able to donate to several pantries as well so the benefits spread to multiple corners of the community.”

Jess Fortunato, New Jersey Transportation Provider

Ashbury Park, NJ

Large Food Donation Recovery

Dig Deep Farms & Food Hub

“We really appreciate the large donation! It made a huge impact in tackling food-insecurity within our communities and assisting the thousands of kids in need within our organization’s sports programs.”

Etsub Senshaw, Food Recovery Manager

San Leandro, CA

Avalon Middle School

“While I was reluctant at first to try something new, I said let me give it a try. I soon found out how easy and quickly it was to use the Means Database and input the information. It took less than 5 minutes and the response time was so quick on getting a pick up for the items. ”

Frank Soltes, Food Service Manager

Orlando, FL

Why partner with us?

You should not have to pay to do the right thing. Diverting edible food from landfills with FoodRecovery.org is entirely free. Whether you have excess food or need it, we’re here to help.