From a devastating fire, a beautiful relationship formed between Bmore Community Food and MEANS Database. A donor introduced us and mentioned their need as they work through this trying time and still make an impact on their community. Since July 20th, we have recovered 92,752 pounds of food which is equivalent to 77,293 meals! Bmore Community Food knows food insecurity is in their community and believes they have the capacity to end hunger if they put their minds to it. With the goal of bringing 10 million pounds of food to Baltimore before 2025, founder and Executive Director, J.C. Faulk, has big dreams he believes are not only possible but probable.

Through this relationship we have been able to provide a continuous supply of food that wouldn’t be possible without both our financial and food donors. No matter what hardships organizations face, people will always need food and Bmore Community Food is committed to helping serve their community. While they ask for a $10 donation when they give out food, around 85% of people do not donate and Bmore Community food still happily gives food to anyone who comes. Just like MEANS, Bmore Community Food sees hunger as a systemic issue that we are working on fixing together. This is not a job for one person or one organization. There is enough food and resources, all it takes are people who are passionate and willing to stand up and help solve the problem.

It’s tragic that so much work can be put into getting food to people yet a person with a match can make such a negative impact. J.C. Faulk feels that this fire has challenged him to not only continue his work, but also grow because nothing will stop him from feeding his community. Together we can end food insecurity; we just need to combine efforts. In fact, together, we have moved more food than we could have done apart. We appreciate all Bmore community food does for their community in Baltimore and are always looking for more organizations we can collaborate with to help waste less and feed more.

By: Grace Hoening